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  • Steve Dudley

Your Relationship with Money

I learnt a lot this weekend at the empowerment partnership iNLP course. It was a game changing experience for me and I feel like I have leveled up 10X. One of the biggest take away's from the weekend was a 10 minute overview of the relationship people have with money.

Money is often pointed to as a big obstacle in life. However, that mere statement, that money is an obstacle is whats causing you to have such a poor relationship with money. This is a TRAP. When you make any obstacle 'real' and identify with it, you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you give money a negative connotation you are giving money the power to have a negative relationship with you. Your subconscious will create the reality you believe.

The reflection of how you feel about money is most likely how you feel about yourself. Unfortunate, this is extremely true. If you have a negative relationship with money you probably do not have much positive self talk happening in your head.

People will externalize their issues onto money and use it as a scapegoat. I think almost all of us have said "I would love to, but, I don't want to send the extra money right now." We use money as a fail safe to living our most remarkable lives.

When you DAM money you DAM the flow of it to you. It is common to hear statements like, "money is the root of all evil", "money doesn't bring me happiness", "Money hates me". These negative mindsets do one thing and one thing only... make sure your conscious and subconscious do everything in their power to stop the flow of money to you.

To start increasing the flow of money to you and creating financial freedom, first you must improve your relationship with it. Changing your mindset and energy about what it can do for you and what you can do for it. Before you start learning how to become more financial intelligence or responsible, get rid of the baggage and negative mindset you have towards money. Money can play a positive part in your life if you so desire.

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