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Helping Entrepreneurs and Athletes Realize Their Full Potential.

Coach. Speaker. Facilitator.  

Authentic. Intentional. Growth. 


High Performance Mindset Coaching

for Entrepreneurs and Athletes

If one of these statements resonates with you, you're in the right place...

#1 - Breakthrough

You’re on the verge of something big, you can feel it and you can see it. It's right in front of you and you need one last push to breakthrough.

#3 - Slump

You are in a dip, a slump, a negative place. You don't know how, why or when but its real and its time to find a way out. You need to re-establish your winning ways, fast. 

#2 - Re-ignite the Fire

You’re a success and along the long journey you lost the fire in your belly. You've been comfortable for far too long and you're looking to re-find the energy that you started with.

#4 - Flying Higher

You've found your highest gear and you're operating as your best self. You know you can reach higher levels, achieve greater things and leave behind a legacy. You're looking for someone to hold you to that bigger vision. 


My Coaching Clients Must be Willing to Fail

Mandatory Growth Mindset...

In both cases above you have accepted that success is in your control, challenges and failure are opportunity for growth and your upside is unlimited. You are prepared to engage with your fears to reach the next level of success. Your story is incomplete and there is more room to improve.

I Coach people who understand...

"if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

Time for a Personal Team...

If you haven't already got a team around you, you know that going alone has got you here, to this very moment, but to reach a higher level of success its time to build a team.

That team includes many different support elements, for many different reasons. The reason I join successful people’s teams is broken down below:

Why Successful People

Hire Coaches

Blindspots, Accountability, The Impostor

Because no one can see the whole picture themselves and everyone from Roger Federer to Jeff Bezos has a voice in their head (similar to the one in yours). The more successful you get and the closer you get to something remarkable, the louder that voice becomes. As well as, feeling like no one understands your situation, you feel you are out growing your relationships and you feel alone on an island.

Misconception of Coaches...

Coaches aren’t mentors. Coaches aren’t better than you at your occupation. Coaches don’t need to be more intelligent than you, more successful than you, wealthier than you or more experienced than you. If coaches were all those things, then we would be the ones winning the gold medals, making billion-dollar deals and building rocket ships.

Coaches see you for who you are, where you want to go and hold space for you better than anyone else. Coaches lead you closer and closer to your fears. Coaches hold you accountable to yourself and open your eyes to the things you are missing (blindspots).

Client Expectations

My Commitment...

When I commit to a coaching relationship, I do not hold anything back. I dive straight into the hardest parts and we leave no stone unturned. I travel to your major business events and tournaments. I follow through until the end. If we need all day to resolve an issue or breakthrough, then we go until one of us gives in.

In return, I expect my clients to lean all the way in and be willing to dive into the deep end of the pool. If you are prepared to make extraordinary progress and change your corner of the world, it would be my pleasure to be on your team and help you reach the top of your next mountain.

My Proven Process


To bring clarity to who you are right now, the dreams you have, the place you want to go and the baggage that’s holding you back. To strategize and visualize your success.




To build confidence in yourself and the change you want to make. To help you squash the voice in your head that’s holding you hostage and to hold you accountable when you’re going through the hardest parts.





To help you have ultimate conviction in yourself and your destination. Unwavering believe that you can and will reach your impossible goals.

Remarkable Achievements:

With clarity, confidence and conviction you are in a euphoric state. A state of self-actualization and you're able to live your dreams out, make deep impact, break records, and do something no one else has done before.

About Steven

body shot.png


At 22 he started his own business and never looked back. From that decision came two incredible health and wellness businesses over 7 years. A corporate wellness service covering 3 states, 15 locations and impacting 1000's of employees. As well as, a high-end luxury wellness service for three of the most affluent condo buildings in Denver, CO.

After experiencing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, Steven discovered that fulfillment and personal development was more important than financial stability. So, he sold the companies and started taking a deeper look at who he was, what impact he wanted to make and how he could leave this world a better place for future generations. 


Steven is now the founder of Acts of Evolution LLC an umbrella company for a personal development ecosystem.

A master coach with experience on hundreds of projects, 1000's of people helped, and hours of conversations pushing high performers to walk into the storm.

Author of Be the Buffalo - a short story preparing entrepreneurs to walk into the storm. A direct, to the point book helping aspiring entrepreneurs instill the right mindset before taking the leap.

Facilitator of high functioning forum and mastermind groups such as YPO and EO. 

Motivational, educational and inspirational speaker who brings new life to larger groups. 

Developer and creator of the Journey Map experience. A Two-part online mindset course helping high performance individuals accelerate their personal evolution.

Canadian National Champion Athlete, Founder of a World Renown Leadership Development Company

"Steven has an infectious personality that can't help but create momentum. When people work with Steven, they get more than coaching. They get connection, collaboration and what it takes to get better results."

Co-Founder of Global Luxury Hospitality Company

"Steven is a natural coach with the heart, mind and vision of a successful entrepreneur.  Compassionate (empathy + action) defines Steven best for me.  He has a knack for helping people discover their blind spots, yet hone in on strengths.  “Be the Buffalo” has been a transformational mindset for me as I continuously seek ways to push myself beyond my comfort zones.  Steven has become a friend and trusted confidant that I’m glad to have in my corner."

Great Things That Great People Say About Steven...

Former COO of a Billion Dollar Healthcare Services Company, current CEO and Founder of Large Scale Venture Backed Health Care Business

"Steven is a strategic and empathetic listener, he seeks to understand the individual and the business they lead. Once he has that understanding he is skilled and artful in his ability to coach the best out of an individual. He is enthusiastic, curious and boundary-less in working with leaders to create their plan for the future and helping to create structure to work that plan over time."

Retired Chairman of the Associated Press, Founder of a Multi Billion Dollar Media Company

Coming Soon

New York Times Best Seller & World Renown Speaker

"There are tens of thousands of business coaches, speakers and authors. Most of them have never started a company, sweated payroll or scaled a business. Steven Dudley has done all three, and done them well. We all have something to learn from this gem of a guy."

Former CEO & President, current Investor & Partner at a Disrupter Corporate Forum Start-Up

“Steve is always determined, fiercely dedicated, constantly caring, uniquely insightful, a servant based leader….and the list goes on and on.”

*Out of respect and privacy of my clients I do not talk about or share information about who I work with. *



Impact in Numbers

I rarely travel long distances but when I do its for a great purpose. 

When I walk off the stage of a room full of people, I leave them feeling brave enough to lean into the hard parts of life so they can evolve into the person they need to become. 

"a better version of yourself is just one STORM away."


- Steven Dudley

Forum Facilitation

Forum Facilitation

Lean In, Discover More, Deeper Results

Steven is a massive forum advocate. Being apart of forum means a lot to him and his development as an entrepreneur, leader and a human. He knows what it means to be apart of a well executed forum and the difference a great facilitator makes. 

A great facilitator will create a safe and engaging environment where you can explore new territory, dive deeper and breakthrough new layers. 

From experience, a lot of facilitators will cautiously walk the line, fearful of falling off. Steven has a different approach, he intentionally asks everyone to willingly fall off together. He holds the tension longer and builds the plane as you fall.

If your forum is looking for exponential results, with a fearless approach? Then look no further. 

My Book


Be The Buffalo

A book. A mindset. A beginning. A way of life.

The book I wish I read before I started. A short, to the point, direct and manageable book for aspiring entrepreneurs who have limited time to read and have short attention spans. 

This is for entrepreneurs who need to know the truth about entrepreneurship and want to prepare appropriately.


This is for authentic entrepreneurs who are in this for the right reasons. This is for entrepreneurs who care about providing value not receiving value. This is for entrepreneurs who are doing this because they believe in something.


Not for entrepreneurs that believe entrepreneurship is cool and can make them rich by jumping on the band wagon. This is for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and leave behind a legacy. 

No matter what your passion, service, product, vision, or movement this book will help you have more success from the start. With a unique style, unique insight and personal perspective Steve will help you see what you need to see before you start your journey into entrepreneurship. 

This book talks about:
* Overcoming Fear
* Logical and tactical ways to start your journey
* How to stay laser focused and stay on the trail
* Defining what enough means to you
* Dreaming vs. doing
* Entrepreneur mindset

It is hard to prepare for entrepreneurship but this book bridges that gap and makes it a little bit easier.

An Online Mindset Course

What Is Journey Map?

It is the crucial key that most high performers never even think about: A Map to WHO You Are.

Why Does it Exist? 

I have seen too many entrepreneurs and high achievers fail because they didn't know who they were, what fulfills them and why they are here. So, I created a course to give them the keys to success.

What to Expect...

You’ll use the Mind Map at the start of every week to re-establish who you are and link it with your goals. Every day we try and reach higher but life has its ups and downs. Some days you feel unstoppable and other days you feel like a complete impostor. During those down moments of struggle, fear, and pain, you’ll use your Mind Map to help get back on track.

JM Part 1-01-01.png

Who’s it for? 

Entrepreneurs, Athletes, High Achievers, Change-Makers, Linchpins, Artists, and Dreamers

Whats the Outcome?

You'll go From Unclear, Nervous, Stuck, Unfulfilled & Unsuccessful 

- TO - 

Clear, Focused, Aligned, Fulfilled & Successful

Vlog, infrequent emails

and updates.

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