• Steve Dudley

Daily Dudley- Episode #40 - Aesthetics can Hijack Confidence

Turning what you see into what you feel...

Appearance isn’t something I care too much about because I am a feeler. I judge by how deep you go not what you look like.

However, a visual stimuli can spark a feeling. And that’s what happened this morning. I felt a sense of pride and confidence in my house as I drove back from the gym, because my trees have bloomed and they look beautiful.

That’s sense of visual beauty made me feel confident in my home. The same applies to you and your business. When you look good, when you create something beautiful, when you enhance the visual appearance of something it can build confidence in your self, your work, your business.

It is a quick way to hijack confidence and so you can take a step forward with your chest and head high.

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