• Steve Dudley

Be the Buffalo

The Buffalo to my knowledge is the only animal in the world that will turn and face the storm and start walking towards it. When they see those heavy clouds rolling over the mountains and the peaks of the west, they put their heads down and start hustling towards them.

Almost all animals, specifically land animals, either hunker down, hide or start walking away from the storm. This is because they’re scared of what that storm brings. They know that storm will bring pain, suffering, struggle, frustration and much more. So, the last thing the other animals are thinking of doing is walking into it.

However, what the other animals don’t realize is that there is a better way and the Buffalo has figured it out. The Buffalo has evolved and learned to endure the pain, face its fears and intentionally move towards the struggle. The buffalo discovered that by doing so, the storm will move over them quicker and the amount of frustration is minimized. It seems counter-intuitive, it seems strange but when you really think about it, turning to face the storm even though it may be difficult, is the right thing to do.

And that is the perfect metaphor for the journey of the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur goes against the grain, the entrepreneur walks into their fears, the entrepreneur wants nothing more than to engage with the storm because they know that on the other side is a clearer version of the future. Once the hard part (the storm) passes, they can be more productive and make the changes necessary for future success.

Find the full book here... Be the Buffalo


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